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19 Jun 2017

Commercial Kitchenware On A Budget


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Posted By Karla D.

If you're opening or are already running a commercial kitchen, you'll no doubt be aware just how expensive some of the essential equipment can be. A commercial oven will set you back a few thousand pounds as opposed to a few hundred for a domestic oven. But in a commercial kitchen a domestic oven simply won't be big enough, so you have no choice but to opt for the premium oven at a premium price to match. With regards to the range of appliances you need to run a successful kitchen, it's really not worth cutting corners on quality equipment because you cannot risk being let down by a substandard product right at your busiest time of day. So when you're buying your oven, grill, hot plate and griddle, it's always worth buying the best you can afford.

Areas where you can cut costs is by buying budget cutlery and kitchen utensils. I'm not talking about plastic knives and forks here as they will definitely present the wrong image, but looking at a range such as Parish Patterns provides quality and class without breaking the bank. Based on traditional English cutlery designs, each set within the Parish Patterns range features a heavy handle with an ornate bevelled edge. They feel well balanced in the hand and suggest nothing of the budget price they can be bought in bulk for, making Parish Patterns the perfect choice of cutlery for cafés and restaurants.

Another area where costs can be reduced is in kitchen utensils and cutlery storage. Large plastic cutlery storage trays can be bought very cheaply and so long as your customers have their cutlery delivered to them, as opposed to the customer getting their own cutlery, your clientèle will have no idea that you're storing both the cutlery and kitchen utensils in budget storage trays. You'll be surprised at some of the prices catering suppliers can charge for food storage too. Again this is an area where you can cut costs because so long as your food storage containers of jars are clean and airtight, they will function perfectly well. The only reason top end storage jars are available is for establishments with very high profit margins; by spending more on simple things like food storage jars means more expenses can be marked off against their annual tax bill, but for many catering businesses, we do not have this luxury as every penny must be watched.


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