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22 Jun 2017

Professional Catering Appliances


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Posted By Fernando R.

By utilising the outstanding professional catering appliances currently available, any catering business is provided with the most economical and time saving options for preparing food. Hamilton Beach features an exceptional line of catering appliances, including blenders, hand mixers, deep fryers, coffee makers and food processors.

These appliances provide time saving features when it comes to the necessary kitchen duties of chopping, shredding, slicing and mixing food for catering events. Appliances made by Hamilton Beach are among the most popular appliances available anywhere for use by catering businesses.

The first food processor was manufactured by the Robot Coupe company which began in 1960. The company is still going strong today serving as a world leader in the manufacturing of high quality equipment utilised for food preparation.

Food processors were first introduced by Robot Coupe in 1972, and were then made available in commercial markets. This company's food processors are world famous, and are currently being used in many catering kitchens across the UK. With exceptional vision, and a strong commitment to offering only the best in catering appliances, Robot Coupe has made a very successful name for themselves. One of their brands, Magimix, is still very popular and used throughout the UK today.

In order for any catering business to succeed, they must offer an exceptional variety and quality of outstanding food that is well prepared, attractively presented and delicious. Creativity blended with magnificent cooking skill is required of modern top catering chefs. This is not an easy feat to accomplish, but one that is made somewhat easier by utilising fine professional catering appliances.

One favourite appliance of top catering chefs is sous vide water baths. Allowing chefs to cook cuts of meat until they are extremely tender is one of the top reasons for using sous vide water baths. Utilising the water bath method of cooking allows cooking to be done very slowly, allowing for the full development of tenderness, flavour and aroma. The temperature is able to be maintained at a constant temperature, which is not always possible with other catering appliances.

Cooking food by utilising the water bath method allows chefs to cook under a vacuum, and gives them ultimate control over the entire cooking process. When the food is eventually cooked it is absolutely delicious, it gives any catering company a fantastic reputation for excellence.

The ultimate goal of any great catering company is to develop an excellent reputation with emphasis on high quality of the sumptuous food they have prepared for their clients. Creating a large base of satisfied clients is imperative for success. And when food preparation can be done in a more timely and efficient manner, this helps the business to become even more successful.


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